Trail Rides

We offer horseback riding all year round on horse trails in the Cascade foothills approximately 30 minutes from Seattle at Taylor Mtn and about 1.5 hrs from Seattle near Crystal Mtn and Mt Rainier!

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Equine Escapes is honored to share the majestic horse with our customers. Horses are prey animals and have incredible sensing abilities. As such, they can sense and feel where people and nature is at emotionally, energetically as well as our intention. You will be spending several hours with your new equine friend and we encourage you to be open, relaxed, unexpecting and ready for an insightful experience with your new friend.

You will meet us at the trailhead for your ride. We choose the trailhead daily depending on the rides scheduled for the day, the anticipated groups and terrain conditions. Please ensure you have a good email address and contact number in our reservation system. We will notify you the day prior to the ride with the trailhead location. (Usually via email in the evening...) We will make every attempt to contact you, but if we sorry, we can't hold back the ride for too long. Also, if you arrive early, please understand that we may be out on a previous ride and may not be at the trailhead to greet you.

Ensure you allow an additional 30 -40 minutes to the time of your ride. There is no need to arrive early. The additional time is allocated for covering the instructional briefing and getting everyone fitted for their saddle and horse. Additionally, we are on horse time and and cannot predict when extra time may be needed to deal with a situation. We appreciate everyone's flexibility and understanding should we be a few minutes late for your ride.

Also, we are limiting the group size to 6 people per ride. If you have a group larger than 6, please contact us as we do have additional horses...we just like to rotate them for much needed breaks. :-)

We look forward to sharing the experience with you!!!!!!

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1 Hour Escape - $60

Our 1 hour horseback rides are perfect for beginners and children as it requires no technical riding skills and is usually on fairly flat terrain.

2 Hour Escape - $85
The 2 hour horseback ride is appropriate for adults and children 10 years and older. Younger children should be comfortable around horses and should have some riding experience. During this trail ride, the terrain will be varied and the riders may need to direct the horses through water or mud.

2 Hr Advanced Ride - $95
This trail ride is for adventurous or experienced riders ONLY. No children please...unless they are extremely skilled and will put most of us adults to shame. :-) This ride is for those wanting to trot, canter and possibly gallop and we usually do so when it's safe to do make sure you're comfortable with going faster than a walk otherwise you should sit this one out. Also, in order to partake in this ride you must be able to perform either a posting trot or a sitting trot without bouncing much or the need to hold onto the saddle. Bouncing allot = sore back for the horse. :-)

Full Day Mountaintop Escape - $195
Minimum of 2 people. Your horseback trek will take you up a mountainside with incredible views to a vista point view of the area. Once we arrive, we'll start making our campfire for our cowboy/cowgirl cookout while you enjoy the panoramic views. After lunch, we'll start our descent down the mountain. This ride is approximately 5-6 hours and will be mostly walking since we'll be carrying a good sized pack on the horses. :-)

Overnight Camping Escape - starting at $295 per night

Minimum of 4 people and advance scheduling is required. You'll need to bring your own camping gear and we'll provide everything else. We do have some camping gear that can be rented but not for a large group. This is a fun outing and great for family reunions and unique friendly get togethers.

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