Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide helmets?

Yes! We have helmets for all of our riders to use. Helmets are optional for those 18 years and older and mandatory for all those under 18.

Do you operate year round?

Yes! We offer horseback riding year round due to the mild climate we normally experience here in the Pacific Northwest. If the weather is expected to be at or below freezing, snowing, thunder/lightning or high winds, we will cancel the rides due to safety reasons.

What should I wear or bring?

All participants need to have the following:

  • long pants
  • covered shoes preferably something with a heel or some traction on the bottom (you don't want your foot to slide through the stirrup)

In the warmer weather, it is strongly recommended to bring sunscreen, water and sometimes bug spray. We provide helmets but you are welcome to wear a hat for sun protection and sunglasses.

In the cooler weather, it is strongly recommend to wear layers of clothing, weatherproof pants, jackets, gloves and shoes. If it's really cold a scarf and knitted beanie is especially nice to have. Also, don't forget the hand and toe warmers as that the first thing to get cold!!! Also, if it's expected to rain please ensure your phone is safe from moisture. (a ziplock bag works well)

How do I pay for the ride?

We take credit card and cash. When you make your reservation online, the system will collect all of the information needed for all of your riders including a credit card to hold the reservation. The card is not charged until after the ride so everyone in your group will have the option of paying with cash or pay with a different credit card at the time of the ride.

What is your cancellation policy?

We need 48 hours notice in order for no charges to incur. In the case of a no show or a cancellation with less than 48 hours notice, the full amount of the trail ride would be charged to your credit card used to hold your booking. Please note that this amount is for your entire booking. In the event that we need to cancel the ride due to unsafe riding conditions, we will give you as much notice as possible and no charges will be made to your card.

Do you have any age or weight restrictions?

Yes, our minimum age for trail ride is 6 years old. The maximum weight limit is 225lbs unless prior arrangements have been made. We do make exceptions up to 250lbs for those that are tall or really muscular.