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Meet the Horses

Kharma is a typey quarter horse mare with a gorgeous build. While she can be a "typical" mare on the ground, she's an easy going gal on the trails...especially when she gets to stroll on the trails with her bestie "Tinker".
Kid is a Haflinger that came from a feedlot from Eastern Wa and is an incredible boy! He's a cute as a button, loves to give hugs and a joy to share space with. He can be a bit of a joker and very easy going.
Platy doesn't join us on many rides at the moment....but we are always playing at the ranch! Platypus is a very playful, young gelding that was saved from a feedlot in Eastern Wa. He is super curious and allot of fun but not for inexperienced riders.
Trinity is my lead horse. She is an Andalusian cross and just stunning. She is 7 years old and allot of fun. :-) She is one of the most curious and challenging horses I've met....not to mention sassy. :-) She is like driving a Porsche but with the mind of a toddler at times. She's my girl and she keeps me humble and challenged. Everyone is welcome to pet her....although if you smell like a granola bar or fruit.....prepare to be frisked! :-)
Red is a fun gelding but can sometimes but has a touch of sass to him. :-) He is usually the one that wants to trot to catch up and walk faster than he's all a distraction game he can snag a bite to eat! :-) Red is a clever boy and great for those that enjoy challenges....(but in a safe way). :-)
Tinker is one of the few mares that we have in the herd....and she's all girl! She is an adorable paint packed into a compact physique and allot of fun to ride. She is very responsive to her rider and is great for most skill levels. She has a great canter and just an all around fun horse to hang with!
Conan was my dear friend and first love. We met in the Netherlands and it was love at first sight! He was my dressage and jumping partner and quickly adapted to the trail life in beautiful Washington. As he aged, he loved taking care of the kids and adults that were experiencing their first horseback ride. He was my gentle well as the leader of the herd. You will be missed my dear friend! Until we meet again..... Kel
Buck is the ultimate caretaker! He loves looking after kiddos and prefers to be showing them the trails and what it's like being on the back of a horse. Buck is a complete sweetheart! We have a weight limit of 150lbs on Buck due to previous leg injuries but if you're fortunate to be able to ride're in for a real treat! Oh...and he's quite a snuggle bug!
Appy Jack is about as sweet as they come! He loves to cuddle and be loved on and will come to his name. He is small guy compared to everyone else but has the biggest heart. He is one of the most endearing horses I've ever met!
Dakota is a stunning quarterhorse gelding. He is now the leader of the herd and is taking his new role in stride. On the trail, Dakota is Mr. Steady Eddie and predictable...great for the kiddos....but don't that fool you....he LOVES picking up the pace when he's not looking out for the youngsters. Some of his favorites are definitely eating and taking in the views. If you ride Dakota then you'll need to be on your "A" game and keep the lookout for yummy treats along the trail. Trust me... you will want to see them before Dakota does. :-)
Sampson is a gorgeous appendix gelding. He is quite the gentleman in the saddle and becomes very cautious when he senses his rider may be a little apprehensive. With an adventurous rider, he loves to put a little pep in his step and loves to run on our more advanced rides. He's a sweet and fun horse! We had a barn fire several years ago and Sam was one of the horses burned. Since the fire, he prefers to not be touched too lightly or near his rump. When you greet him, make sure to ask him if you can enter his personal space by reaching out your hand to his nose (like a dog) and allowing hi
Teddy is a gentle giant. At 17.1HH his size can be intimidating but once you meet me see what a gentle soul he is. He loves to cuddle and like most big guys....he's a sensitive and very lovable guy! He is quite the character and a bit of a goofball too!
Thunder is amazing! He is a large quarterhorse and very well trained! If you know how to communicate with your body and energy....then you will love this boy! Thunder loves to be "in sync" with his rider and move with you. In the saddle, if you "sync" with Thunder then it's possible to just "think" what you want him to joke. On the ground, Thunder will mirror your movements and even lie down on command. Just for fun, I rode Thunder on the trail with just a rope around his neck.....simply an amazing horse. He really syncs in with your energy and spiri